The Kachwaha dynasty’s passion for perfection transcribed to this jeweled marvel called Jeypore- the kingdom of symmetrical planning and architecture.

We at symetree celebrate this sense of proportion through our innovative jewels and bespoke accessories that are passionatelyhandcrafted in Jaipur, inspired by its rich heritage and creative conceptualization.


Jaipur, in spirit and soul, is that canvas of opulence which imbibes within itself the colours, the regalia and the detailing of all things artistic.

In the late 19th century- while the chowks and bazaars of Jaipur were bustling with trade, the pink gallis with their frescoed havelis were quietly blossoming into ateliers of ornate silversmithing and sculpting.

Design maestros like Gordon and architects like Colonel Jacob were obscurely working to build Jeypore as that design marvel which would keep inspiring the design world till centuries to come.

Jaipur with its signature Chhatris, curvaceous mehrabs, hand frescoed darwazas - all romantically submersed in the colour pink, spoke of a story of unparalleled hospitality and rich but subtle design aesthetics.

As we shifted our domain to Jaipur, the first inspiration story got translated into the architecture at Haritbagh, our design retreat

The Raj era ensured decline of mutual hostilities, hence the irrelevance of old fortified palaces gave way to Indo-Saracenic, Gothic and Baroque styles.

The celebrated Maharajas of Jaipur always had the flare of European architecture and design sensibilities. Now bestowed knighthood being photographed on pillared verandas with grand staircases and intricate capitols was the order of the day!

Symetree’s global headquarters in the Jaipur - the Haritsons Manor stands as a testimony to this grand changeover of regal masonry.